Kimball G. Orwoll - Attorney at Law

Our Mission

To be The Family Law Attorney serving the Rochester and Southeastern Minnesota community that You Can Count On to provide the advice and guidance that will meet your legal needs and serve the best interest of your family.

Our Goals

To be child focused in all divorce, paternity and third party custody, parenting time, and child support matters. The advice we can give you when your case begins can make a significant difference to your children. We strive to provide guidance that goes beyond the ordinary when assisting clients in all matters involving their assets and finances. We care enough to explain the difference between an equitable settlement and one that serves not only your immediate, but your long term, financial needs. The decisions you make will determine whether you settle or proceed to trial. With over 35 years of service, and extensive settlement and trial experience we can truly make a difference.

Our Intentions

To provide cost effective and efficient legal services that will give you the ability to favorably resolve your case. Without proper legal advice a divorce, a custody matter, an alimony/spousal maintenance case, and child support issues can seem emotionally overwhelming and financially devastating. A well informed client can significantly affect the cost and outcome of their legal matter. We can help you communicate effectively, whether it is with the other party, a mediator, an early neutral evaluator, or the Court. We can guide the steps you make by enabling you to take those steps without the confusion and uncertainty that can often come from not having an experienced Family Law Attorney.